How to Make Money with Surveys

Are you looking for a way to earn extra money. I am going to discuss how to make money through on line surveys. I have listed some survey web sites. They are all free to join. You can make money from online surveys while your at home.

1. Global Test Market  – Global Test Market is a fast way to make money online. You can focus on giving your opinions & getting rewards. This is only for following residence only.

  • United State
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Singapore

2. My Survey – One of the most popular survey site in the online. My Survey is a complete paid survey & get rewards in PayPal.

3. Paid View point – Paid View point is a market research survey site, which is online. They pay $0.3 for every survey completed.   Paid View point offer more income opportunities for its members with higher Trait scores. Minimum Cash out is  15 USD.

4. Opinion Output – Opinion Output is a earning cash & rewards for taking surveys. Membership is open only for below mentioned residence only.

  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

5. Nielsen – Nielsen is a global research company providing the market standard in audience and customer measurement. Nielsen has been a trusted leader in media measurement for over 90 years. Membership is open only below residence

  • New Zealand
  • GermanyRaksha Bandhan

6. VIP Voice – VIP Voice is an online research community that provides market information & advisory service to help companies make better business divisions.

7. Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a one of the best survey site in online. When you sign up, you will receiver 5$ bonus. Membership open only for below residence.

  •  UK
  • Australia
  • Canada

8. Survey Dowenline – Survey Downline is a One of another best survey site online. You can earn 35% for each survey you completed. You can earn another 10% for each survey completed by your friends you referred. Service open for below residence only.

  •  United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia





18 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Surveys

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  1. I’m glad I came across your post. I’m familiar with swagbucks, but there’s a few here that I haven’t come across before. So I’m looking forward to checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. It seems like I’m not the only one in this boat, but Swagbucks is the only one of these that I’ve heard of! Thanks for all he new information! Inbox Dollars is another one that’s really similar to Swagbucks but it gives you straight cash instead of points toward gift cards

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