How to earn income on eBay

Hello friends. If you are looking for a massive income eBay is a good option for you. Today I am going to share How to earn an income on eBay. We can do lots of buying and selling through ebay. Alright I will show you step by step.

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  1. Open an eBay Account – You need to create a eBay account. Go through this link and open an eBay account.



2. Open a PayPal Account – The next step, you need to create a PayPal Account. Go through this link an create a PayPal Account.


3. Decide what to sell – Next you have to decide what you are going to sell. Hey you need an item to sell. Go and search on eBay. you can get good idea. Search under various categories. As an example if you are going to sell baby toys. Then you check that item already listed in eBay. If it’s you can get the idea about your item.

4. Take a Photo – In a next step take a clear picture of the the items that you are going to sell in a natural light or spot light. You can upload 12 pictures in your listing through eBay.

5. Listed your item – Next you can start to list your items. Select the category that your item are in. Then upload your photo. Then give the item specifics, item description ,selling details & shipping details. Most of the sellers are selecting Auction type to attract the buyers. Then you click “List it”.

6. Ship the Item – In the next step, once your item has sold  Confirm the payment have received to you. Then pack your item safely and ship it  to buyer.


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