How to list an Item on eBay

Hi friends, Today I am going to share with you how to list an item on eBay. eBay Selling is a great way to earn extra money. Before you sell an item on eBay, you need to register on eBay. In my previous post “How to earn an income on eBay” I shared with you how to register on eBay.

After you register on eBay you need to buy few items on eBay, Because of you need to build your reputation and get good feedback as a good buyer.

Then you need to select an item to sell. Before you list an item  you can do a research. Look similar item that have recently list on eBay. It will help you to get an idea about best category and price.


Now we are going to list the item you have selected.

  1. Log in to your eBay account and Click on “SELL” at top of the main page.

e bay new

2. Then they will ask what you are selling. As an example I am going to sell ” Kids toy Laptop computer.

list 1

3. Then we click “Get Started”  and Come to create your listing window. Title already given will pop up automatically in title area.  Then you can select the best category. If you are using two categories, you have to pay extra fee.

ebay 2

4. In the next step UPC select as a ” Does not apply’. Condition select as a “New”.  Then upload a photo of the item you have selected to sell. Great photos can help more sells. You can upload 12 photos that you have selected item to sell free on most listing.

ebay 3

5. In a next step you have to fill Item Specifics.

ebay 4

6. In a next step fill the Item description .

ebay 6

7. In a next step you need to fill “Selling Details”. In a selling details, first you need to pick selling format, There are two formats.

  1. Auction Style – Auction style encourages buyers. Sometimes you can get the good price for your item.
  2. Fixed Price –  Some people buy an item immediately.  They can used Fixed price (Buy it now).

Then you can select time duration which the auction going on. After you selected the duration, you can mention “Starting Price”. In auction style, try to start low price. like $0.99. Because Byers attract the low price.

ebay 7

8. Then you need to consider about shipping. When you list the item try to give “Free Shipping ” method. Because Byers attract for “Free Shipping”. Add the shipping cost to the item price when you list them.

9. Before you list the items, check whether all the details are correct.

10. Finally click the “List Item”


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